11/04/2022, Upper East Side, NY.
From the desk of Chris Pace.

Investing in crypto is a bit stupid…
In this letter I’ll explain exactly why.

In 1848 adventurers (and crazy people) from all over the world traveled to California, put their jeans on, bought a pickaxe somewhere and started chipping away at rocks looking for gold.

With $$$ symbols in their eyes; cowboys and regular people left their homes and families behind making a bet on this “gold rush”. A bet that 99% of traditional people around them considered stupid.

So what’s the problem here?

That out of thousands and thousands of people that tried very few actually found gold and even less actually became rich in the long term.

But, here’s what’s interesting: Do you know who became rich? I mean ultra-rich? Generational wealth kind of rich? FU-money kind of rich?

Levi Strauus, a jewish man who sold jeans and shovels to these “opportunity-seekers”.

My old dear Levi built an empire..
An empire that in those times helped miners achieve their dreams and today helps us tortilla-booty people look like there's actually some butt in there 😂. Now, why did Levi become so rich? Because while everybody ran around staring blindly at one same opportunity he was able to see the REAL opportunity in that moment of history.

The real opportunity was to sell the tools.
The real opportunity was to build the ecosystem.

Levi saw a booming ecosystem, saw passion in people’s eyes, saw huge quantities of money flowing towards this “industry” and instead of doing what everybody did, instead of chasing the “easy to see - common” opportunity he decided to create the ecosystem, to actually sell the tools that enabled that ecosystem.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Do you see how this is also happening with crypto? If not, here is one last example…

In this video from 1995 Bill Gates, Microsoft’s founder, is being interviewed by David Letterman about something brand new that few people understood called “the internet”…

Please watch this video, it’s only two minutes:

In this video David Letterman makes fun of the fact that in this weird new thing called “the internet” they were about to stream the audio of a baseball game for the first time ever. His joke’s punchline ends with a big “Haven’t they heard about radio?!” and the crowd laughs 😂.

I can only picture David Letterman’s ancestors looking at Henry Ford’s automobile in 1903 and telling him: “Haven’t these people ever heard of a horse before?!” 😂

And it’s not David’s fault, he’s fun but his reaction is the perfect example of how most humans react to revolutionary innovation:

They don’t study it, they don’t understand it, they don’t see how to use it. 

Now, a couple of questions for you and please do answer them in your mind: 

In the internet world, what do most people do? How do most people use the Internet? 

Most people either consume content or publish content, right?

But what does the 1% actually do?
What did the entrepreneurs that built fortunes, generational wealth and FU MONEY, what did they do? What did the Zuckerbergs, the Gates, the Dorseys, the Jobs of the world do?

They focused on providing the tools.
They focused on creating the ecosystem.

And this is why I started this letter telling you that if the only thing you are doing in the crypto - blockchain world is investing in tokens and praying to Saint Satoshi and Saint Musk 😂 that your coins make you a giga billionaire and give you a 1,000,000 X return…

I’m sorry - but you’re missing out on the REAL opportunity.

So now, what to do? Well let me introduce myself, my name is Chris Pace and a couple of years ago I fell down the blockchain-crypto rabbit hole and I can’t get out 😂.

I’ve studied the blockchain world 2 to 4 hours per day for the last two years, invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum and many Altcoins), invested tens of thousands of dollars in NFT’s (digital art collections) and tens of thousands of dollars in paid trainings (courses, masterminds, events and more).

I’ve gone down the rabbit hole so much that I even quit my profession (I was a sales and marketing trainer for over 15 years and built 4 companies, two of them +7 figure per year businesses).

I believe so much in the blockchain revolution, in the Web 3.0 movement that I’ve left everything behind just to make sure I don’t miss out on this massive opportunity (and I’m not a 21 year old dude writing from mom’s basement… I’ve got a beautiful wife and daughter and a lot of responsibilities! 😂

Now, why did I leave everything behind to focus on the crypto-blockchain world?

Ready for the revelation?
Well… Let me introduce you to Ethereum, the main character of this story.

Ether (Ethereum’s token), after Bitcoin, is the second biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

However, Ethereum is not only “digital money”, Ethereum is a platform where people like you and I can build and that is where everything changed.

Let's put it like this:
If Bitcoin is usually compared to “digital gold”...
Ethereum can be compared to the “new internet”.

On top of Ethereum one can build businesses, DAO’s (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), Dapps, (Decentralized Apps), NFT’s and many other things, it is barely beginning. We are early.

On top of Ethereum we are not only creating a new financial world (DeFi = Decentralized Finance) but we are also creating a new ecosystem where entrepreneurs like you and I can create value, serve people and generate wealth like never before.

Ethereum is the little snowball rolling down the mountain and it will only grow bigger and bigger and bigger during the following years. 

Ethereum has created the “new internet” to the point where “traditional Internet companies” are having talent problems on a daily basis because many of their smart employees are jumping out of the Web 2.0 ship and jumping on board the Web 3.0 train. 

I forgot to mention that this “new internet” is now being called “Web 3.0”.

Ethereum is that wave that you see coming from the horizon and that keeps getting bigger and bigger. However, like always, only those that start swimming right now will be able to catch the wave and surf it successfully.

The big question here is:
Are you sleeping on this one like you may have done with the Internet?
Or are you swimming to catch the wave?

So well let’s get to the point of this letter now.

The point of this letter is that I want to sell you something, actually I want to sell you something that generates one of two consequences in your life:

Consequence #1: 

That in 10 years you tell yourself “Holy crap, Chris told me about this and I didn’t listen, I really missed out 😱”

Consequence #2: 

That in 10 years you tell yourself “Holy crap, Chris told me, I paid attention, and thank GOD I did, this ride has been epic!​​❤️️”

I want to invite you to my live conference in
San Francisco, CA, this June, 26nd, 3 PM called:

What is Blockchain Entrepreneur exactly?

A 4 hour live conference designed with one goal in mind: To give you the essentials when it comes to understanding the crypto revolution from the eyes of an entrepreneur.


Jun 26nd, 2022.


San Francisco, CA


At what time:

3:00PM to 7:00PM.

We will see each other face to face for approximately 4 hours and these are the questions that we will answer together:

Now if you ask me: Who is Blockchain Entrepreneur LIVE for?

Now, who is Blockchain Entrepreneur LIVE definitely not for?

Why do I tell you all of this?

Because I want to make your investment in Blockchain Entrepreneur LIVE so ridiculously cheap that it’d be pretty much impossible for you to miss the event.

And as a side note: I’m not making it cheap because I’m a caritative soul, I want to make it a no brainer for you to assist because it is urgent that que start speaking the same language, this “blockchain-language” so that we can built this ecosystem together (huge things are coming our way!).

I truly believe the way Blockchain will become mainstream is if more and more entrepreneurs get on top of this revolution faster.

So - drum roll please - today you can book your ticket and attend Blockchain Entrepreneur LIVE for only….

VIP Ticket

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And that's it.

No hardcore closing. No salezy techniques. Nothing like that. Blockchain Entrepreneur LIVE will be a turning point in the life of many of its students, I know it.

But if you’re not 100% excited and 100% sure you should be there, you probably shouldn’t.

Innovation is always looked at with fear and doubt. Innovators are always accused of being “crazy” and with all due reason: We are crazy in a certain sense… But Blockchain is here to stay. I know it and would love to share its potential with you.

In Blockchain Entrepreneur LIVE I will share with you the blockchain world from the perspective of someone that needs to add value, monetize and profit, from the perspective of an Entrepreneur.


Lot’s of love, Chris Pace.

(I version Web 2.0, I version Web 3.0 - I'll tell you more about this in the event).

PD: Did you get lazy to read everything? Too bad, you should do it, I really wanted my little letter but hey, I'll leave you with a brief summary:

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