Stop playing the “crypto lottery”. Investing in crypto can be pretty dumb… if that´s the only thing that you´re doing, instead become a Blockchain Entrepreneur without needing to be a tech wizard or Elon Musk. 😂

In this FREE Masterclass you will discover:

What is a Blockchain Entrepreneur?

Decentralization and security
are not at odds.

To be an enthusiast who wants to discover the ecosystem that is being developed, someone who understands that WEB 2.0 is no longer the leading path to grow your business.

What is our mission?


Understand why it is known as the improved *digital* gold


Design and launch your unique cryptographic registry or token


Find out why it is the most secure network and how its encrypted keys and messages work.


Understand why it is both a cryptocurrency and an ecosystem at the same time.

The transformation is here and our Mission is…

To be able to help both newbies and not so newbies that right now have many doubts and are somewhat fearful but want to start learning and investing in the blockchain world.


Educate blockchain / crypto enthusiasts to understand that the real opportunity is not just to invest in crypto but to create the ecosystem, create the tools and vehicles through education and proven ideas. 


Our main focus is to motivate traditional and digital entrepeneurs to help us build this ecosystem through Dapps, DAOs and many other platforms for their daily business

What is the Blockchain Business Club?

The only private club for entrepreneurs and business people wanting to master every way to generate revenue in the Blockchain world.

Learning, Entrepreneurship and Investing.

Master the essentials of the blockchain world, while also keeping up to date in a world that changes every minute.
You will have a network of blockchain entrepreneurs and business people in which together you will learn about possible blockchain entrepreneurship projects and run one at your own pace.

And above all of that you will have fun and connect with amazing human beings who want to generate income in multiple ways in the blockchain world.

The Chrispace (1)

Understand the crypto revolution from the eyes of an entrepreneur.


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